Over the last 35 years Tyre-A-Way has developed and pioneered a unique business model in the recycling and collection of waste tyres and rubber, incorporating innovative tyre recycling technologies.

Tyre-A-Way was the first company in Australia to structure an efficient waste tyre and rubber collection service with a trade and public drop-in recycling facility.

Once the waste tyres collected are received at our Dandenong South recycling plant they are shredded daily.  None of the collected waste tyres are stored at our facility.

All manufactured rubber crumb/chips/shreds produced from the waste tyres collected are then containerised and shipped overseas daily to legitimate markets for further rubber processing and substitute fuel programs.

Our tyre collection business currently collects 1.5 million tyres or 15,000 tonnes of waste tyres annually and this number is constantly increasing.  These tyres are shredded daily by our state of the art, robust shredding machines and equipment.  These purpose built machines are capable of reducing 25 tonnes of waste tyres per hour equalling 2,500 car tyres into 0” to 6” pieces which are in high demand throughout Asia.

These purpose built machines and equipment were invented, designed and manufactured by Tyre-A-Way’s Chief Engineer Geoff Boekenstein and the CEO and founder of Tyre-A-Way, Bob Poll. The development and manufacture of the technologies and machinery to operate and maintain a successful tyre recycling facility, was a 10 year process in the making.

Tyre-A-Way has been verified as having “best practice” in Australia by Boomerang Alliance Environmental Association www.theskids.com.au because there is no containment of waste tyres, rubber crumb/chips/shreds at our recycling facility at Dandenong South, Melbourne.

Tyre recyclers fleet